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Selecting the Right Live Band for Your Reception


Do not Get Stuck with Two Cousins Singing Karaoke All Night

How many times have you participated in one of the finest wedding events ever only to be left with a bad taste in your mouth because of the band that the couple employed? How numerous times have you seen visitors in fact leave the reception early because the band could best be explained as dreadful?

Audition Bands, Don't Just Take Demos

If there's something I've discovered in life, it's that everybody thinks that they will compose a world altering novel which everyone believes that they are some kind of musician. With modern technology, even the worst vocalists and musicians can sound excellent with automatic filters, auto-tuned vocals, and a little bit of dubbing. What's scarier is that with a laptop, a decent recording software package, and a MIDI input any individual can produce a demo tape, MP3, or SoundCloud declare you to listen to jazz duo.


That's why if you are hiring a band these days, you need to have the band physically audition for you. This will do two things: you will get a sense of who actually desires the gig and who does not, and you'll weed out the riff raff of people who think they are musicians, but would truly simply end up ruining your reception. Besides - not all bands that sound good on tape really sound great live. Getting a sense of their sound in advance will have your dance floor jumping all night.

Getting Married on a Weekend? Reserve Early

Any band worth having at your reception is going to be booked on a Saturday well in advance of your wedding. If you want a live band, ensure that this is taken care of amongst the first tasks that you clear off of your wedding list. That method you'll make certain to obtain a great band that will rock your socks off rather of Uncle Carl doing a horrible Ke$ha impression.

Having an excellent band will make or break your reception. Don't let your classy and wonderful wedding get ruined by a horrible band - with a little effort; you too can have the best band to conclude your ideal wedding.

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